Ghiggeri & Stonebarger Farms

Our Story

 Emilio Ghiggeri planted the first sweet corn in Brentwood in the 1940’s when the area was known primarily for its production of lettuce, apricots, and melons.  The farm became G&S (Ghiggeri and Stonebarger) Farms in the 1980’s when Glenn Stonebarger, who is a 3rd year-generation Brentwood farmer, married Emilio’s daughter, Jeannie.  Today, Brentwood is famous for its sweet corn production, particularly a variety called Brentwood Diamonds, which G&S Farms was the first to grow in the 1990’s.  Suburban development is rapidly overtaking agricultural land in Brentwood, a city that is only 55 miles from San Francisco.  G&S Farms is one of the last remaining farms in the area.

Tthe farming operation continues today under the management of Glenn, with the help of his nephew, Joseph Ghiggeri, and two sons, Paul and Michael.  As a family, G&S Farms is proud to be farming all Non-Gmo produce.  Our farm's staple products consist of our Brentwood Diamond Sweet Corn, as well as our Brentwood Cherries, pumpkins and various tomato and bean varieties. We have also begun welcoming local bay area families for our seasonal U-Picks; cherries in spring and pumpkins in fall


After three generations of farming, we are proud to continue as a family-run business


(925) 634-1929

1151 Chestnut St (2.66 mi)
Brentwood, California 94513

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