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Diamond Sweet Corn


Please view to below to learn how to purchase our famous Diamond Sweet Corn. 

Sales Dept: 925-634-1929

Local Pick Up - Bulk 4 Dozen Ears per Box

Please visit our headquarters located at 1151 Chestnut St, Brentwood, CA 94513 during our harvest season to purchase a case of Diamond Sweet Corn, complete with 48 Ears per Box.  Please call ahead to confirm availability and price.  For single ear purchase, please visit your local Farmers Market or Grocery store.

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Visit local retailer and/or Farmers Markets

We are proud to offer our product for purchase at both at your local grocery store and your local Farmers Market.  If you are a buyer for a retail chain or produce wholesaler, or a Farmers Market administrator, please contact to inquire on how to carry our Diamond Sweet corn at your location. 


Diamond Corn Tray Pack

Call our sales department to learn how you can purchase our Diamond Sweet Corn after it has been trimmed and husked for your convenience.  Product is sold per case of 12 Trays that contain 4 processed ears each.  Please call ahead for availability and pricing. 

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Thanks for your kind words


"I live near Spokane, WA and each year my Nephew who lives in Brentwood lets me know of the corn harvest.   He jokes that I will get the corn before he does. 
Your corn is usually sold out in a day at my local Yokes Fresh Market on Market street in Mead, WA  

Everyone loves your corn.   Thanks for all your hard work that goes into farming. God Bless the Farmers"

C. Stelmak

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