Each May, we welcome Bay Area families into our orchards for our Annual Cherry U-Picks.  We'll provide buckets and a beautiful crop of cherries for you and your family to pick yourselves!  The U-Pick season, ranging from early May to mid June, has become a treasured tradition in the Brentwood farming community.  We hope you'll come spend a day in the sun, enjoying the natural beauty of a fruitful orchard in spring!

Where can I pick cherries?

Depending on the weekend, you will be able to pick cherries at one of our THREE G&S Farms U-PICK orchards. ​​

**please check daily for orchard access and hours. 

When can I pick cherries?

Each year the availability and readiness of the crop will determine when we open our U-Picks.  Although it is usually safe to come by the middle of May, we always advise calling us first or checking our Facebook page for details. We also open each location depending on the best crop for our guests. Calling or checking Facebook  before hand makes sure you come at a good time and head to the correct, open orchard.

What kind of cherries do you have? 

We proudly grow many popular varietals of cherries. Depending on their availability and ripeness, a few or all of these varietals will be available when visiting our U-Pick!

  • Coral

  • Sweetheart

  • Lapin

  • Rainier

  • Brooks

If you have a favorite cherry you are hoping to pick, feel free to call us to plan your visit around when they'll be ready! 


Cherry U-Picks


Sending many thanks to all that came out to pick this year!

Although much was different, we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and the effort our customers made to ensure the safety of our staff, our community and

their fellow U-Pickers.  

We look forward to opening our orchards again next year for

another delicious Cherry Season!

Closed for the season!

Did you have a great visit to the farm? 

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