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Find us in a grocery store or farmers market near you!

When in season, you can find our fresh produce in many area grocery stores, farm-to-table restaurants, local farmers' markets or by visiting us at our U-Picks . 

Thank you for supporting our partners.

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Fresh From our Farmers

Having strong distribution partnerships helps us plan for the future. We are proud to work closely with Safeway and the extended Albertson's family, providing our Brentwood Diamonds, sweet corn seasonally in select stores. 
Their commitment to supporting local farms with their "Fresh From Our Farmers" program ensures that shoppers up and down California have the best local produce possible.

Image by Dane Deaner

Bay Area Farmers Markets 

Californians are incredibly lucky to live in the largest agricultural producer and exporter in the nation.  Meaning, our farmers' markets are able to offer some of the most fresh, most diverse produce in the world.  
You can find our sweet corn (bi-color, white + yellow) in many Northern California markets each week, picked fresh the day before.


G&S Farms U-Picks

There's just something special about food that came straight from the source.  Come visit us during each crop's season for a chance to try our food as fresh as possible - with a box of corn, a fresh-picked bucket of cherries, or a prize pumpkin right off the vine.   We welcome our neighbors, schools and the extended Bay Area community to see our farm in action and to taste the sweet results for themselves!

Find Our Produce: What's Happening
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Thanks for your kind words


"I live near Spokane, WA and each year my Nephew who lives in Brentwood lets me know of the corn harvest.   He jokes that I will get the corn before he does. 
Your corn is usually sold out in a day at my local Yokes Fresh Market on Market street in Mead, WA  

Everyone loves your corn.   Thanks for all your hard work that goes into farming. God Bless the Farmers"

C. Stelmak

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